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What to do in Lisbon Portugal

York House team has many suggestions to visit Lisbon. Ask our concierge and we will help you to choose the best tour for you.

Culture - walking around York House Lisboa

YorkHouse Alfama 220The National Ancient Art Museum exhibits permanently a wide collection of pieces from painting, sculpture, jewellery, furniture, fabrics, and ceramics. Including an exquisite collection of African, Indian, Chinese and Japanese pieces in representation of the cultural connection with these worlds.

Temporary exhibitions are also available in the Museum, please check with the front desk for more information.
Located at Janelas Verdes Street, across the hotel street, guests can visit it Tuesdays from 2pm to 6pm and from Wednesdays to Sundays

You may give a a 40m walk  and pass across Basílica da Estrela, Jardim da Estrela and finish your day at Casa Fernando Pessoa.



Historical Lisbon

Know the Lisbon history by taking this 4 touristic tours, all the main historical landmarks are there:

Belém – Of the discoveries

YorkHouse jeronimos 220

Located on the occidental part of Lisbon, near the river, it´s an area where you find the major concentration of important monuments of the city

Points of interest to visit: Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, Museu dos Coches e Museu Colecção Berardo.

How to go there: near the railway station Santos (5 minutes walking from York House), the electric car 15 takes you to Mosteiro dos Jerónimos (Belém).

Bairro Alto and Chiado

YorkHouse convento carmo

Points of interest to visit: Ruínas do Convento do Carmo, Museu do Chiado, Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara.

How to go there: near the railway station Santos (5 minutes walking from York House), the electric car 15 or the train takes you till Cais do Sodré. A 15m walking through the historical quarter takes you till Bairro Alto/Chiado.

Alfama and Castelo de São Jorge

YorkHouse castelosaojorge 220No lado oposto da cidade o traçado medieval de Alfama permanece, no seu topo coroada com o Castelo de São Jorge onde as vistas sobre a cidade e o rio são amplas.

Points of interest to visit: Sé Catedral, Castelo de São Jorge e Feira da Ladra (tuesday and saturday)

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What to see in Lisbon & only at 20/30 minutes from Lisbon

  • Drawings of Jacopo Palma the Young
    Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga until 19th January 2017
  • Lisbon of discoveries
    Near the river on the occidental side of Lisbon. Ask for informations at ourconcierge.
  • Eléctrico 28
    A real Lisbon ex-libris, and one of the best way to see the town. .
  • Guincho Beach
    30 minutes from York House (by car).
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